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To Purchase:

Use the Navigation Bar at the of the page to go to the topic of the photos you want to view.   When you find the photo you want to buy, click on it and then click on BUY . You will be given the choice of, This Photo, Photos from this Gallery, and Create a card.

Under This Photo you will have more choices, for Wall Art,Paper Prints, and Keepsakes.

Photos are professionally corrected by Bay Photo.

Bay Photo, a professional lab located in Santa Cruz, California, has been catering to top pros since 1976. Their experts will fuss over each order, ensuring superb color and consistency from print to print.

Print options:

Glossy:  Glossy is a shiny finish printed on Kodak Royal Paper (up to 12x30) or Kodak Endura Paper.

Lustre Lustre offers the vibrant colors of glossy with a fingerprint-resistant matte finish. Printed on Kodak Endura Paper.  More info

Metallic Rich, distinctive prints with a huge WOW! factor. Printed on Kodak Endura Professional Metallic Paper.  More info (Not a good choice for portraits)

Giclée Prints made by a large format inkjet printer using premium, archival inks . More info

Barn Bones

Pictures viewed on electronic devices can vary in color and brightness from one device to the next. It is best to view the photos you want to purchase on a couple of different devices to get the best idea of color and brightness. Remember, they will receive  professional color correction from the lab at the time of printing.

About Bay Photo Lab: Bay Photo Lab's digital services emanate from a long history of traditional and innovative photographic printing and photo finishing services. Located in the coastal redwoods outside of Santa Cruz, California, we have been providing Professional Photographers in California and around the world with the highest quality printing and customer service for nearly 35 years. We are committed to providing personal attention and a wide range of choices for Professional Photographers. We provide quality work, exceptional service and no-nonsense value. We use the finest photo processing equipment. 

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